Ensis is a diversified group having core business interests in Fisheries, Tourism and Food business.

Ensis Fisheries is the major exporter of fresh chilled tuna from the Maldives. The company has gained a strong reputation in the major markets of Europe as a reliable supplier of sustainable tuna from the Maldives Ocean.

Our head office is located in Male’, Maldives and we coordinate our European operations through an office in Frankfurt,  Germany. We also maintain a presence in New York and Colombo.

Ensis provides strong support to its customer in the key markets through strong longterm alliances with major buyers.

Ensis Fisheries

is the major exporter of fresh chilled tuna from the Maldives. The state-of-the-art fish processing plant is located within 10 minutes drive to the airport and 20 minutes journey to the main seaport giving the the best logistical advantages. The company owns its own fleet of refrigerated trucks to transport the products in temperature controlled conditions that preserves the integrity of the cold chain from harvest to the customer.


Enzi is a local food brand of ensis, with a vast variety of products. We carry quality fresh fish items, in different cuts, chilled or frozen for your requirement. Our processed tuna products, inclusive of rihaakuru (fish paste) and tuna chips (sambol varieties) will complete any meal. Enzi tuna chunks in oil and brine are in easy opener cans for convenience.In addition to this, our varieties of breads, buns and pastries are freshly baked from quality ingredients every day. Our cakes are exquisite in both taste and appearance and can be customized.

Travelpass Maldives

Travelpass Maldives is a travel agency in the Maldives, founded by veterans of the Tourism Industry. It is part of the Ensis Group, who are diversified in the Fisheries, Tourism and the Trade Sector. We are currently working with a lot of tour operators around the world to provide the best possible experience to our customers


Thanburuma Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Ensis Group, which owns the island Bandadhidhoo, which has the license for tourist Resort. Part of the island will be designated for organic agricultural farms. The island is currently under development and is expected to be completed by end of 2016.


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